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More about Rimag

Rimag is an Iranian integrated scientific journals’ system with the aim of managing journals’ publications. In other words, all the processes of submission, evaluation, reviewing, editing, laying out and electronic publication of scientific journals are performed in this system. This system has been designed and implemented in order to optimally manage scientific journals, using open sources software and based on the standards of reputable international journals.

One of the most important features of this system is the designing of a multilingual environment (Persian, English and Arabic). Rimag is a comprehensive scientific journals’ system that covers all the processes related to journals (from the submission of an article by the author to the publication of the journal) in a centralized manner. Rimag has been created through a memorandum of understanding between Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICeST) and The Academic Center for Education, Culture, and Research.

Rimag’s Covered Journals

Rimag covers all scientific journals in Iran in various technical subjects, including engineering, medical sciences, basic sciences, humanities, agriculture, natural and veterinary resources, art and architecture.

Rimag’s Mission

One of Rimag’s aims is to create an integrated platform to improve the processes in publishing scientific journals, from submitting an article to publishing a journal. Rimag analyzes the process of publishing scientific journals and helps those in charge in recognizing issues and implementing policies to improve the quantity and quality of their publishing.

Some of Rimag’s Most Outstanding Features

  • •The possibility of authors joining the system in an integrated manner and sending articles to various journals with a user code
  • • Assign DOR (Digital Object Recognizer) code to journal articles for free
  • • Multilingual website designing for publications (Persian, English and Arabic, etc.)
  • • Reporting from the system based on various features
  • • Journals’ Electronic Publications
  • • Automatic recording of all events and the comprehensive process related to reviewing articles
  • • Automatically send emails to related people after completing each process
  • •Provide a list of articles ready to be published in various journals
  • • Simple and advanced search in the system
  • •Create XML output for the use in various systems such as ISC, PubMed, etc.
  • •Creating different ways of citing published articles
  • • Create RSS feed
  • •Index of publications in citation and specialized databases
  • • Creating a database of authors and reviewers in relevant fields
  • • Automatic archiving of journals’ previous issues